"Environmental Love" Spray Can

"Environmental Love" Spray Can


This spray can features a Char original character nestled in with some trees. 


It is a can that I found while walking in the beautiful Humber Marshes (Toronto, ON) in a heap of garbage people had discarded (pictured). It really stuck out to me that someone would have a need to discard a spray can in an area that consisted of nothing other than trees and wildlife. There was also a huge feeling of irony due to the can being Sugar by Ironlak, a can made to reduce the impact the paint itself has on the painter and the environment. I chose to give it a new life in this way to highlight the need for more environmental consciousness and recycling. 


There are rust spots and dents from its life outdoors. It has been hand painted with acrylic and double varnished to ensure a long life of beauty. 


If you have empty cans you are unclear on how to dispose of contact me, I would love to give them a new life as well!!

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