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Hello again!

If you've been following any of my social media then you already know Kalle and I have recently adopted a kitten, his name is Ziggy Stardust. (He was named Rebel by the rescue and well, it was perfect.)

It has been an overall lovely experience during the last 10 days, HOWEVER, Mr. Stardust can be quite a lot during the hours I usually like to be sleeping! (I know, no surprise to every cat owner but its been years for me with only dogs! lol)

This means I haven't been too busy creating new pieces unfortunately, all I've really had energy for is helping the fur babies of the house bond.

I DID film a volg today that I will be posting tomorrow and will be keeping up with on as much of a weekly basis as I can. (Not going to lie to you guys though, I struggle with keeping up with that kind of thing so please forgive a delay or two!)

I will also be doing a small shop update before the St. Patrick's Day Sale so keep your eyes out for new Handpainted and Print items.

Hope you're having a lovely a week!

Till next time,

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