Updated: Feb 4

It’s really important to me to continue to grow as an artist and there are ways that I’ve held myself back from doing so because of preconceived notions about who I am as an artist. As a kid I also drew, always had a love for drawing women in particular but it never felt like more than doodling. It wasn’t until I started to do graffiti when I was 17 that I began to take myself seriously as an artist. I didn’t paint any characters along side my pieces for quite some time, my main focus was on my letters and when it came to my letter work I never worked from a reference. That refrain from references continued on when I started to paint my own original characters, always wanting something I created to be pulled directly from my imagination. I didn’t even want to be influenced by any outside sources. That aversion towards being influenced created a pretty big barrier to progress in ways however, barriers I am now trying to tear down.

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