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Site/Shop Updates

Hello everyone,

Some of you may have noticed that there have been some pretty major changes to the site in the last little while and there are even more coming!

Let's start by reviewing the changes that have already happened!

  • Free Shipping!

  • Canadian orders over $250

  • US orders over $350

  • Unfortunately I can't offer this for the rest of the world yet but I am on the look out for ways to make shipping more economical so that I can offer free shipping everywhere!

  • The catalog is currently looking a little sparse aside from hand painted pieces. I did this so that I can transition my shop into a much more intentional space. This may mean a product you wanted is no longer available but if you reach out via the contact form I can do my best to make it happen for you. (Check out the upcoming updates to find out more!)

  • I have created a TikTok account which will be linked in the Footer of every page! I will be primarily be using TikTok from now on with regards to social media and will be posting exclusive content there regularly. (As well as a weekly Lotte & Ziggy day!)

  • Loyalty Program & Monthly Supporter Plan Revamp!

  • Loyalty Program: While the bones were there I had never gotten around to really fleshing out all the details but Guerrilla Loyalty is now up and running. Check out all the details and find out how to sign up to start earning points!

  • Monthly Supporters: The Monthly Plans have been reassessed much like the Catalog. I had to make the monthly gifts a little smaller but I did this so that I could make them a bit more affordable for anyone who may have wanted to sign up before and couldn't. I hope you all still enjoy them! Check out the new layout and prices before getting enrolled!

  • And, of course, the most obvious change of all is the site design! In order to streamline the page loading times and such I decided to go with a less graphics heavy layout so the graffiti in the background is gone it has been replaced with something that will be a lot more user friendly

Upcoming Changes

  • Catalog changes/updates to come:

  • To resume the earlier point of intentional products there will be a few product additions coming! These will all be focused on providing high quality items that are part of a collection and not just a mass of every product available with every piece of art possible. I can't share much more about these items yet however if you sign up to the mailing list you can be among the first to know what and when!

  • Limited Runs/Special Event Products will be coming to the shop often in the future; again, sign up to the mailing list you can be among the first to know what and when!

  • The blog will become a much more expansive space for Monthly Supporters and Non-Supporters alike. No longer just for behind the scenes content; the blog will now feature:

  • Special showcases of items like canvases

  • Exclusive looks into Char's work and life

  • Previews of upcoming products

  • and more!

  • The mailing list will start going out with all coming updates and events on the 1st of every month, keeping your inbox free from any and all build up due multiple updates within a month. Of course if there are any big mid-month changes you can still always find out about them by visiting the recent blog posts.

I hope everyone finds these changes as much of an upgrade as I do!


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